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Hi there,

I would like to tell 4 ideas about a future AVRStudio version. I hope that someone from ATMEL will see my message in a bottle.
I am now using the 4.13 version, I have also download the 4.14 version but I didn't installed it yet.

1st. It would be very nice if there will be a change in the watch window in order to see variables in binary format. As I told in the past, I know that 0xAA = 0b10101010, so please don't tell me that this is very easy.

2nd. The Auto Step function is a continoues Step Into function. Personally I use this function sometimes when I like to see the change of variables at real time, because unfortunately there is no other way using the JTagIce MK2 and the AVRStudio 4.13 (like other companies do with their JTags - see Freescale). I would like to say that it would be very nice if I could change the Auto Step function's timing in order to make the cursor and the program to execute each instrucion faster.

3rd. In continoues of my 2nd idea, I would like to say that if there was another new function called Auto Step Over it would make the real time watching when debugging with a JTag very nice. The variable's values at real time would not be updated when a function executes but the program's execution would be faster. This is not a problem because it depends on the programmers need.

4th. In continoues of my 2nd and 3rd ideas, there is something else. It would like to have the abillity to sellect while Auto Stepping, if my cursor will step into or over the interrupts functions.

The best would be if there is any posibility, using the present hardware, to have a real time variables watching in real time execution. I think that this is something that most of you need. I hope there will be a change.

Thanks for your time,



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