2.4 GHz Radio Modem

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Just finished this prototype for a 2.4GHz radio modem. Since I have 300 pcs of these CC2400 chips on my shelf I decided to give it a try.

The PCB was nothing but easy to produce. And it got worse when I tried to solder the chip on the board. First two boards failed miserably. The gaps between the legs of the chip are smaller than fly droppings so it is really easy to short the wires. Well, now I know how to do this....

The size of this thing is about the size of a matchbox (51 x 37mm).

The PCB substrate is Teflon for better RF characteristics. It really makes a difference.

Feel free to have fun with my voltage regulator - I have 40000 of those transistors sitting on my stock. So I had a little bit of labbing fun and came out with a decent 1.8V regulator.

The device is not yet tested. I will pay a visit to my friend who has the proper equipment to measure it. I would be surprised if the RF section would not need any tweaking.

If this works - and why would it not - I will control my house heating system with these. One goes to top of my radio mast and whatever.... If it really does what the data sheet promises then this is guite an animal.