2011 ESC silicon valley

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Just got back from the Embedded systems conference in San Jose.

Not quite as exiting as last years show. The booth was pretty much the same. The presentations were good as well as the demo stations. Ironically there was a brownout Wednesday halfway through the second to last presentation. One of the featured lectures was on smart power grids. At least the demo boards and laptops continued to run, but the power point demos were done for the day.

The the show kit bag comes with a coupon for a choice of one of the Xplain kits. I really liked the sensor demos, although some of this looked not quite ready for prime time.

The "Field Marketing Manager" let me have some package samples of what might be tiny 44 and tiny 20 part. These are the ultra small ball grid array. There are 12 balls in staggered groups of 3.

I figured to get the pinout from the data sheet but the UU package does not seem to be listed. The marketing folk said they were not even sure if the packages had dies in them, although the BGA version should.

Atmel really made the website hard to find things on. Does anyone know where the package engineering drawings are?

Did get the contact of the Marketing Manager who gave them to me, probably would be a few days before he could respond.

I do so like a challenge and it would be something to get one of these powered up to see if the device signature could be read. The chip is about the size of a grain of pepper, so attaching leads will be interesting.