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I just wanted to pass this on, maybe save someone
else similar trouble with respect to using
HOT GLUE to hold components and loose wires to
circuit boards. In short: don't.

I wanted to improve the mechanical strength of
wires and some standing components on a board so
I thought hot glue would do the job.
After testing good for function, I glued the board up
only to find later many malfunctions, ignored
inputs, missing outputs, and sporatic resets
(on an atmel avr design using SSOP chips if that matters).
Yes, I glued over traces
on the copper side... but I did test the glue for
resistive value (too high for my meter) so I
thought I was safe. I had to pick the glue off from
around wires and devices and lo and behold things
worked better again. This was run-of-the-mill dollar
store hot glue sticks.

OK.. my guess is glue was acting as a dialectric and I
had "created capacitors" between I/O pins and
power lines and reset.. that caused erratic charges
to jump about creating havoc. I can't think of what
else it could be. Of course, this is probably documented
in some FAQ of do's and dont's.. anybody got a
pointer to that FAQ ;-)



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in wire production adhesives are well known for increasing the attenuation dramatically.
( I could ask for the reason if someone is interested ... )
The glue should be full of it.
And the dielectric constant is somewhat of 2.3 So i.m.h.o. this might very well have an influence.

You could possibly try a two-component-resin. Though that is very hard to remove..

good luck


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