This wireless conversation between two nrf24L01+ units

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I have a mega328p and a mega1284p

I am using the code originally writen by I think David on this forum.

I have had communication between the two in the past but now the transmitter (the 328p) cannot get past:

			uart0_printf("about to send");
			while(!(nrf24l01_irq_pin_active() && nrf24l01_irq_tx_ds_active()));

I only ever see "about to send".
My setup is here:

void InitializeIO(void)

        DDRB = (1<<1)|(1<<2)|(1<<3)|(1<<5);
        PORTB = (1<<2);  //set CSN high
        DDRB &= ~(1<<PB4);
        PORTB |= (1<<PB4);//MISO input, internal pull set

        DDRD = 0;//set IRQ as input with internal pull up
        PORTD |= (1<<PD2);

		DDRD |= (1<<7); //led as output

I just cant work out why it cant send. David reckoned that the setup was correct, I have had the hardware working before, and the only thing that could have changed was software. I just dont get it.

Any suggestions very welcome.

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and the only thing that could have changed was software.

solder joints can fail, wires can break & silicon can vaporize.
You are running the nRF modules in 3 Volts aren't you?
I have cooked one module when I inadvertently used Vcc=5V.

The modules are quite reliable, but the distances over which they will communicate is rather optimistic.

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