verification error while loading via spi!

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Hi Freaks
I have almost finishe my project and wanted to test it on the real board( not on the STK500)

I tried to load the software using my STK200 dongle with the Codevision loader ( which worked fine a few weeks ago) but from some reason i got a problem while it loaded the file to the AVR.

I got massages that there is a verification error.

Only after i did reset to the PC it manages to load it correctly but then when i tried to load again ( after a few minutes because i canged some values) it gave me the same thing.

Do I need to load the software using the AVR DUDE or any other known program?
Why is it doing that?

The lengh of the STK200 cable is about 50 cm so it is not too long?!
Is there any known bugs that can be fixed by downloading an upgrade for the loader?

I am using the AT90S8515 with 4MHz Cristal.

Please advise

Thank you

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Ah, another satisfied customer for a parallel-port AVR programmer. Only the fourth one this week.

I can assuree you that CodeVision's method of prgramming an '8515 has not changed in the last two weeks, and is probably not the source of your problem.

Are you doing a complete chip programming sequence: signature match, erase, program flash, verify flash, etc.? Can you repeatedly and reliably read the signature? Have you tried "Verify erase"? How many verification errors do you get? every byte? If so, I doubt that you are doing the complete sequence, and you are getting the SPI return echo and no real connection to your chip. Is the chip locked? How do the signals look on the 'scope? Do you have any app devices connected to the ISP pins? And nothing changed on your computer like parallel port params or operating system params or stressed port? Does it work OK from another computer?

Sure, try 'dude. Or Studio or old AVRISP.EXE.


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Thank you for your replay
Altouhgh i didnt quite understood why using this sercastic languge that you used on your replay :?:

As for your long questions..........
I am sure that Code Vision did noit change its loader in the last few weeks.
I did not say that it is the source of the problem and i dont understand why you need to attack!!!!! :!:
I am doing a complete chip programming sequence.
I can read the sinature repitadly!
I have verified the earace!!!
The number of verification errors were about three or four ( i dont remember exactlly what it was written there) but it is not every byte!

No other thing is connected to the SPI pins exept for the STK200 Dongle.

As i said before is working from time to time
After i am doing reset to my PC it works fine ( but not alwayes)

There is nothing connected to my Parrallel port exept for the SPI programmer.

There are no lock bits and i didnt try doing it from another computer .

I have asked those questions not in order to say that the CodeVision programmer is bad .....I just wanted to know if there is any one got the same trouble that i am facing .

Ususally you gave me a very good answers and i thanked you all the time for that .
But this time you missed and i mean BIG TIME :x

I still hope that you will help me with my AVR problems and be sure that if I will be able to assist you oone day with my small knowladge i will do it with a big smile on my face.

Hope to here from you soon

Thank you any way