Atmel AVR ATxmega128A1 Interfacing Help

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Dear Sir,

I am a Master's Student working on Environmental Pollution. I am almost a novice in Electronics and computation. The project is a multi-disciplinary one. My work is in two phases: Environmental Monitoring and mapping of the Ground Pollution; and the atmospheric Pollution Monitoring.

The First Phase would have to measure the air pollution on the ground.

In the second phase, we would launch a handful of Sensors to the atmosphere. We hope to gather some information as it ascends to the atmosphere. The Payload would also be equipped with Communication System which would help in transmitting the measured data to the Ground Station.

To carryout this research effectively, we need good sensors which can measure and transmit data in real time. We need the following Gas Sensors:
1. Chlorofluorocarbon
2. Carbon Monoxide
3. Carbon IV oxide
4. Nitric Oxide
5. Nitrogen dioxide
6. Sulphur dioxide
7. Surface Ozone (O3)
8. Volatile Organic Compounds
9. Air Quality Control Sensor for detecting a wide range of gases, including NH3, benzene and
10. Pressure Sensors;
11. Nuclear Radiation Sensors
12. Particulate matter sensors

* From most of the academic papers examined, the statistics of concentrations of trace gases measured using the conventional measuring instruments for these gases/pollutant in ppbv ranges from 26.8±13.9 for O3, 0.7±1.8 for NO, 10.1±7.9 for NO2, 10.8± 8.8 for NOx, 2.2±3.6 for SO2 and 505±335 for CO. The annual mean O3mixing ratio varied from 30.1±21.0 ppbv to 32.8±19.1 ppbv during 2004"“2006. The annual mean NOx concentration were 14.5±14.0, 11.0±11.3 and 12.7±11.8 ppbv in 2004, 2005, and 2006, respectively. The corresponding SO2 values were 5.9±10.0, 6.1±9.9 and 7.6±10.2 ppbv in 2004, 2005 and 2006, respectively, showing an increasing trend over the period from 2004 to 2006.

Therefore, could you come up with any useful Sensors that can be sensitive to the above parameters. Could you also give some suggestions? Could you also assist with the application note, guide to connecting to CPU and all that I need to know in putting your sensors into work?

Another big Problem would be interfacing the Sensors to The CPU board which has an Atmel AVR ATxmega128A1 chip on it. So, would you also want to advice me on the thing to do right away to get started?

Waiting forward to hearing from you.

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You could hire the Goodyear Blimp to fly overhead and take gas samples, which you could process in an on board mass spect.

Your the pollution engineer, you tell me what sensors are available, and I'll give you feedback on interfacing them.

You have outlined a rather ambitious project. Nobody on Freaks is going to do it for you. Many will help you if you have specific questions.

Sensor interfacing is one task.
Data logging is one task.
(Multiple) RF linked real time data acquisition is one tasks.
Data validation is a separate task.
Airborne platforms to carry the sensors is an interesting task.

You have a lot of work ahead.