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The SCP1000 I have looked at, the others I have not. IMO the SCP1000 would have an edge in accuracy and be easier to program.

The downsides are:
cost; The SCP1000 is about $30 in the US, MPX6115 can be had for about $10 qty 1.

Prototype-ability: The SCP1000 is not hand-solderable. You would have to reflow it. Sparkfun has a breakout board for it however.

jheissjr wrote:
Here are the three digital barometric sensors I know of (I2C/SPI)


I wonder if these or an MPX4115->opamp->ADC approach would be more accurate? I guess it comes down to which has less noise, a discrete parts chain (sensor/opamp/ADC) or the whole chain built into the die of the digital chip.