Simultaneous debug of Bootloader / App Code

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I use Codevision to compile my bootloader and application code as two separate projects.

Is it possible to load both codes and debug (w/ jtag ice) both the bootloader and app code at the same time? Presently I'm able to only debug one at a time. In AVR Studio, I have both projects configured to "not" program the flash when the project is loaded. Using the jtag ice programmer module, I erase the part and program the bootloader and app code individually. I then load either the Bootloader or application project in AVRStudio, and can debug the one.

That has worked fine so far, but I know have a situation where it would be nice to have both loaded.

Has anyone figured out a way to do this?



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Just wanted to close the loop here (cross-posted from


I figured it out.  Here's what you need to do:


  • Create a "solution" with two projects in it:


    • Boot
    • App
  • Configure the linkerscripts for the app and the bootloader to build each project to the desired location in memory
  • Build your bootloader and application each once
  • Configure Boot project's GDB settings to tell GDB server to add the symbols from the app when launching:
    • Open Bootloader project's settings page
    • Go to Advanced tab
    • In the Additional modules section, click Add
    • Navigate to the app.elf file in the App project
    • Select it and click OK
    • Note that when the "module" you just added has focus, there is an additional checkbox that becomes available that allows you to select whether or not you want the debugger to write that symbol file to the device, or if you want it to just want to load the symbols from it (see screenshot)



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