Need help with ATmega 328PB Xplained Mini Nr2

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I also have a Atmel-ICE, can I use it instead the USB?


I did connect the Atmel ICE together with the USB connection, but I had also trouble with it.


Do I have to disconnect the USB connection to the PC when I use the Atmel-ICE and use a seperate power source?


Look forward to your advice.





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It would be a lot more useful if the thread title described the problems - rather than just saying "I need help with stuff".


Remember that the  Xplained Mini effectively has an Atmel-ICE built-in and permanently connected to the ATmega 328PB.


So, if you want to use an external Atmel ICE, you are obviously going to have to take some steps to disable the on-board one!


You need to study the boards documentation to see what it says about this: maybe there are links to cut?


The board is usually powered via the USB used for the on-board debugger - so, at the very least, you are going to have to find an alternative way to provide power.

There is a section in the manual on how to do that.


At the end of the day, I think it's probably simpler to just use the on-board debugger.

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