Communicating with ATSAMV71Q21 using atprogram

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I am trying to get atprogram to communicate with an ATSAMV71Q21 via Windows 10 -> USB -> Atmel-ICE.

I can communicate via AtmelStudio, but here is what I get from atprogram:


>atprogram -t atmelice -i swd -d atsam71q21 info
Firmware check OK
[ERROR] Could not set device properties. Make sure you have selected correct device and interface, and that the hardware connections are correct.


Below are details of things I have tried. By the way, I am a newbie to this type of thing.


> atprogram list

simulator       No serialnumber found

atmelice        J41800093011


> atprogram selftest

Firmware check OK

Performs the selftest procedure

External connections must be made before executing selftest:

   - nRST to  TDO   (AVR connector pin 6 to AVR connector pin 3)

   - TDI  to  nTRST (AVR connector pin 9 to AVR connector pin 8)

   - TMS  to  TCK   (AVR connector pin 5 to AVR connector pin 1)

All other pins (including VTREF and GND) must NOT be connected.


Selftest failed to execute

Power error: External voltage detected on VTRef


In AtmelStudio, I selected Tools->Device Programming

Then selected Tool: Atmel-ICE; Device: ATSAMV71Q21; Interface: SWD

Then I hit Apply

Then I hit "Read", and I get a device signature of 0xA1220E01 and Target Voltage of 3.3 V.

I think this means I am communicating with the board via AtmelStudio.


Ultimately, my goal is to use atprogram to write some custom device calibration data into the "User Signature Page" Flash memory area of a number of SAMV71 boards (small quantity assembly line process).

But first I have to get communication working.


Thanks much!

This topic has a solution.

Ed's Law of Debugging: The more bizarre the behavior, the more stupid the mistake.

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Problem solved. Typo: Left out the 'v' in atsamv71q21. It is now communicating.


D:\source\Atmel>atprogram -t atmelice -i swd -d atsamv71q21 info
Firmware check OK
Tool atmelice has firmware version: 01.27
Target voltage: 3.33 V

Device information:

Name:       atsamv71q21
JtagId:     N/A
Revision:   B
Chip ID:    0xa1220e01
CPU arch.:  CORTEX-M7
Series:     SAMV71

Security bit is set.

Memory Information:

Address Space    StartAddress            Size

base                      0x0     0x100000000
  PERIPHERALS      0x40000000      0x20000000
  SYSTEM           0xe0000000      0x10000000
  QSPIMEM          0x80000000      0x20000000
  AXIMX            0xa0000000        0x100000
  ITCM                    0x0        0x200000
  IFLASH             0x400000        0x200000
  IROM               0x800000          0x4000
  DTCM             0x20000000         0x20000
  IRAM             0x20400000         0x60000
  EBI_CS0          0x60000000       0x1000000
  EBI_CS1          0x61000000       0x1000000
  EBI_CS2          0x62000000       0x1000000
  EBI_CS3          0x63000000       0x1000000
  SDRAM_CS         0x70000000      0x10000000

fuses                     0x0             0x1

lockbits                  0x0            0x10

GPNVMBITS (0b0000000001000010 <-> 0x0042):
   BOOT_MODE     1

LOCKBIT_WORD3 (0b00000000000000000000000000000000 <-> 0x00000000)
LOCKBIT_WORD2 (0b00000000000000000000000000000000 <-> 0x00000000)
LOCKBIT_WORD1 (0b00000000000000000000000000000000 <-> 0x00000000)
LOCKBIT_WORD0 (0b00000000000000000000000000000000 <-> 0x00000000)

Ed's Law of Debugging: The more bizarre the behavior, the more stupid the mistake.

Last Edited: Mon. Aug 27, 2018 - 08:24 PM