ATSAME70-XPLD getting started

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Hello, i'm a beginner in this field, and first time using Atmel EVB and Studio. Just get my hands on ATSAME70-XPLD to evaluate the MCU. 

Have installed Atmel Studio 7.0 and followed the instructions on how to connect the board & start. Studio installation as well as USB driver (EDBG virtual com port) seem all worked fine. 

Started the evaluation by using Atmel Start Example Project. My problem is, I can't get the projects to work, for example I've attempted LED Flasher (should be the simplest test) and EDBG UART. 

What I did were: 

1. Selected LED Flasher & selected the board (E70 Explained) and generated project.

2. Built the project and from the output build was successful.

3. Connected the USB cable from DEBUG USB port to PC - Atmel Studio detected the board correctly.

4. Linked the project to the board by selecting EDBG (in project Properties - Tool) with interface SWD and Saved the Project Properties

5. Clicked "Start Without Debugging" and I could see the process was erasing the device (took some seconds) and I supposed it was writing (very fast) and status back to Ready. 

But then I didn't see anything blinking of the LED (located next to the erase jumper). 


Likewise with the EDBG UART example project, did similarly as above, and used Data Visualizer & connected to serial port (EDBG Virtual COM Port) with Terminal Open. 

After clicking "Start without Debugging", I didn't see any Hello World in the terminal screen. 

During the setting of the configuration of UART (before generating project EDBG UART), I've set the baud rate to 9600. So the Data Visualizer serial port was also set to 9600. 


Have also attempted using "Device Programming" then "Memories" to program the compiled hex / elf into the board - from the report seems all OK (Erasing, Programming & Verifying all OK). 

But still NO result from the projects observed. 


Could anyone help me to solve the problem? Thank you in advance. 

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Found the solution - turns out quite simple (my very lacking of experience but slowly learning): 

Although under Project Properties - Tool that Programming settings already shows "Boot selection: Boot from Flash", it doesn't mean the board would really boot from Flash. 

There's one important change to made under "Device Programming" - "GPNVM Bits". Looks like by default (or from factory), GPNVMBITS.BOOT_MODE is NOT checked (in Atmel Studio) - meaning GPNVM Bit 1 = 0 (booting from ROM). 

So it needs to be "checked" in Atmel Studio and click Program. This will set GPNVM Bit 1 = 1 (booting from Flash).