(yet another) Atmega Forth

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I would like to announce a new forth system
for the "small" atmega series. It is work
in progress and comes with full sources
under the GNU GPL.

My forth is called amforth, and is hosted on
Sourceforge: http://amforth.sourceforge.net .
The program is written in assembly and forth
itself (avra or AVR studio) and once the avr
is programmed everything can be developed further
via the serial connection. New words are compiled
directly into the flash using self programming.
Full access to eeprom and ram (io and registers
too) is provided. The forth is a strict 16bit
forth with the indirect threading model.

Why my own forth? Well, the forth's I've found
on the net are either too expensive or IMHO
too far away from the standards[1]. Not that my
forth is/will be 100% standards compliant ;=).

Currently the core system works fine on atmaga8-32.
The next steps include multitasking/interupts and
speed / size optimizations.

Why "small" atmegas? Well, I use them for little
robots and the model railroad and i'm not able to
solder SMD ;=)


[1] http://krue.net/avrforth is really nice, I got
many ideas from it.

Last Edited: Sun. Nov 5, 2006 - 06:37 PM
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Your sourceforge link has a trailing full-stop which stops it working. But, having removed that, I still cannot access the site even though the DNS looks right because I can ping it and it resolves to be - but I'm getting "server not responding" ??

(looking forward to accessing this!)

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A search of Sourceforge gives http://sourceforge.net/projects/... which appears to be the correct project.


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