Using RS232 to upload sketch (not using avrdude or ArduinoISP)

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Sorry if this is a duplicate ... Looked "everywhere" for the answer :-)

Been trying to understand how to do a OTA pull using and ESP8266 to program an ATMega328p.

I have looked at the following link and cannot fit the peaces together.

I really want to do a pull from my own website and not push any firmware using the later tcp-port feature of the later Arduino releases.

AVR910: In-System Programming:


AVR061: STK500 Communication Protocol:


Overview the Arduino sketch uploading process and ISP:


Source code of avrdude:


Using an Arduino as an AVR ISP (In-System Programmer):


I was hoping to do the following.


* Do not want to use SPI due to the number of pins it requires.

* Want to use serial RX/TX and one pin to control reset of the ATmega.
* Do not need to be able to write my own bootloader

Maybe simplest way would be to start from the ArduinoISP sketch?
But I'm failing to see how I would start that. I don't need to be too fancy supporting all variants of the chip.


Has this already been done?
I was hoping it was as simple as.

Pull reset to low, send a few commands to get it into programming mode.

Send the sketch and then exit programming mode and boot... But that doesn't seem to be the case.


Any ideas are welcome!




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Check out , I believe it may have what you need.