USB CDC Driver - what is the correct way to install

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We are nearing the end of a SAM3X project and I want to roll out the USB CDC driver to my users who are not programmers nor IT savvy, so I'll be using a script (probably nisi). However I can find a reliable way to install the CDC driver


What is the correct way to install the driver?


What I have tried:

In my set of install files I have a drivers folder containing Atmel's signed driver:



Then I try to install with

   dpinst32.exe /c /q /sa /sw /PATH "$INSTDIR\drivers"

This fails with error code 0x80010000

The logs show this..


INFO:   Found driver package: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\TRIAL\drivers\atm6124_cdc.inf'.
INFO:   Preinstalling 'c:\program files (x86)\TRIAL\drivers\atm6124_cdc.inf' ...
INFO:   ENTER:  DriverPackagePreinstallW
INFO:   RETURN: DriverPackagePreinstallW  (0xE0000242)
INFO:   Returning with code 0x80010000
INFO:   11/06/2015 12:03:53


Microsoft soft describe this error as follows ( reference )


One driver package was present, but it could not be installed.

I'd can't disagree what that, but it's not giving me any clues as to what I'm doing wrong. 


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Standard install problems advice:


1) Run as Administrator (no it won't be enough to just be logged in as Administrator, at least not on newer Windows - you must actively execute with Administrator rights).


2) Temporarily turn off anti-virus software and try to install.


3) Combine 1 and 2 above.


Since you've had your pants down for a while, do run a complete scan after having had anti-virus temporarily turned off.


Also, this suggests that it might be a problem with a certificate that might be needed to be installed before executing the silent install of the driver.

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No guarantees, but if we don't report problems they won't get much of  a chance to be fixed! Details/discussions at link given just above.


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