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I already developped a WSN with a ZigBee mesh network with other microcontrollers, but I got some interest about WSNMonitor and the AVR devices. 
I wish to use the WSNMonitor with my devices to check if it works as I imagine, but I can't find any documentation where it shows me the messages that I should send by the serial...


I'm trying to make a initial test with 2 usb-serial cables connected between each other and a C++ program to send the data to WSNMonitor... 

The messages that I tryed to send (in hex) are the  following:

0x10 0x02    0x11          0x00       0x01 0x02 0x03 0x04 0x05 0x06 0x07 0x08     0x10 0x03   (format of identity_ack.xml)

(SOF)        (Msg Type)  (ID Status)               (Full Address)                                           (EOF)

0x10 0x02   0x10 0x10    0x01 0x02 0x03 0x04 0x05 0x06 0x07 0x08    0x0F 0x0F   0x0F 0x0F 0x10 0x03  (fomart of identity.xml)

(SOF)           (Msg Type)                    (Full Address)                                     (Duration)     (Period)       (EOF)



The bytes of SOF, EOF and the repeat of the 0x10 was based on WSNUARTManager.c file. The other values are random, just trying to respect the format of the protocols files.


Anybody can help me?

Maybe someone that already got the WSNMonitor to work and know the messages sent from the coordinator to the application and could share this info would be of great help.

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I was also trying to decript these messages, while I can't exactly tell you how to recreate them, I did a break down of the commands that are sent from the wsnmonitor for the "visualise" command when it it sent to the coordinator and router


                                     STRT|MT|NT|MAC Address-----|Data??|??|END-|SM
from wsndemo Visualise on    router: 1002|10|10|F4B84C72A56E7F44|B80B64|00|1003|AC
from wsndemo Visualise on 1st Coord: 1002|10|10|C34D9367C3BA47E8|B80B64|00|1003|22
from wsndemo Visualise on 2nd Coord: 1002|10|10|39478705EA5831BD|B80B64|00|1003|A8

When I followed the command through the coordinator I found that it stripped the command down to the MAC and Data


		ST|MAC Address-----|Data?
Router:		10|f4b84c72a56e7f44|b80b64
Coordinator:	10|c34d9367c3ba47e8|b80b64


When receiving the periodic data from the coordinator and the router I got:

			    STRT|MT|NT|MAC Address-----|Sadd|S-ver---|ChanMASK|sPAN|WC|pAdd|LQ|RS|-------Bat/temp/light?----------|Node name/label-------------|END-|SM
polled from devices Router: 1002|01|01|F4B84C72A56E7F44|975A|00010101|00800000|C34D|0F|0000|FC|E9|010C000000000000000000000000200E|XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|1003|CA
		     Coord: 1002|01|00|C34D9367C3BA47E8|0000|00010101|00800000|C34D|0F|FFFF|00|00|010C000000000000000000000000200E|XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|1003|48

I hope this kind of helps...


STRT: Start of string
MT: Message Type

NT: Node Type

Sadd: Short Address

S-Ver: Software Version (Zigbee version I am assuming)

ChanMSK: Channel Mask

sPAN: Short PAN

WC: Working Channel

pADD: Parent address



Bat/light/temp: Payload

END: End bytes

SM: Summ of all previous bytes used as a checksum

??: Not sure what this is.

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Download LwMesh version of the WSNDemo application. It is quite obvious how data structure is serialized and what fields it has.

NOTE: I no longer actively read this forum. Please ask your question on if you want my answer.

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Thanks for all the infos!


Even with your replies, I didn't get the WSNMonitor to work in a simulated environment. I think that WSNMonitor won't work in the way I'm trying.


I'll do more studies about the codes in a near future, happened a change of priorities in the projects over here.


Thanks and if anyone got any news, it will be very welcome.