Arduino + mbed = ??

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I have watched Arduino from afar, but never actually got into it.


Lots of mbed boards now have Arduino shield connections - so that they can be used with Arduino shields:


Does anyone here know how easy (or otherwise) it is to get Arduino libraries for Arduino shields to work on mbed?

Anyone care to share?


I realise it's all just C++ at the end of the day...

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The core functionality is very similar.    Many programs have been written for both systems.

Porting an Arduino library is not much more than the build differences for DUE or ZERO Arduinos.


The performance of a UNO can outshine a lot of the MBED evaluation boards.    Purely because the GPIO pins are mapped more conveniently.

For example,  a Shield that uses Digital#0 - Digital#7 for an 8-bit port just does a single OUT (or IN)

Most Evaluation boards need to mask and shift each bit because they are all muddled up.


Of course,   peripherals are mapped to the UNO pins.   So UART, SPI or I2C work at full hardware speed.