Problems programming ATtiny12 with Studio 4.11??

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Hi freaks,

today I wanted to program a new batch of circuits (of which I already made quite a bunch) which contains a ATtiny12 (and little more). The last batch was programmed using an ATAVRISP and Studio 4.10. This time I used the same AVRISP (updated by Studio 4.11 recently) and Studio 4.11. But when I hit the "auto" button I got an error message because the FLASH wasn't able to be programmed.

I then checked in manual mode and found that I could
- read Flash
- read EEPROM
- read the fuses
- read the protection bits
- read the signature of the Tiny12
- erase the chip
- write the EEPROM
- write the fuses

BUT: I'm not able to program the flash! (I did not dare to check programming the protection bits)

I tried this with at least 3 boards of the new production run. Same effect every time.
Then I took a board of an older production batch and tried the same there. First I verified that the Tiny on the old board has the right program in FLASH - it verified ok. Then I tried all the above and again all went ok, but FLASH was not programmable - bummer!
Unfortunately the only message in the history window is "programming FLASH... FAILED" - not too precise and helpful for finding any cause (is there a hidden verbose mode??)

So if it's not the PCB or Tiny on it, it must be the AVRISP. The last batch was programmed using an older firmware (that cam with Studio 4.10), so I thought downgrading would be a good idea:
According to the ATAVRISP manual you open the thing, short 2 contacts, switch it on, start Studio, select "Tools/AVR Prog" and select which file to download.
BUT then: AVR Prog doesn't find the AVRISP. All I get is an error message that it can't find any supported device - GREAT!
When I then wanted to go back and try again reaching the FLASH of a Tiny12 (after power cycling the AVRISP to get it back to normal mode) the AVRISP is now no longer found by Studio 4.11 - REALLY GREAT!! Seems I somehow fried the Programmer (by following the instructions in the User's Guide). What now???

So my most burning questions are:
- Are there any known issues with Studio 4.11, an updated ATAVRISP and ATtiny12s?
- Anybody out there successfully programmed this parts usung the newest tools?
- What can I do to revive my ATAVRISP?

As you know, this all happens on the last evening before you have to ship an bunch of PCBs. Speak of nerves and pressure.....

Any hints anybody?


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hello stefan,
i experienced the same problem with tiny12 and had also trouble to program atmega128 with avrisp v2. downgrade avrisp to v1.xx and use avrstudio v4.10.
regarding downgrading avrisp to v1.xx you have to observe that the target controller (in your case the tiny12) is not running when you upgrade avrisp.
i downgraded avrisp several times and it worked.

i personally would not use avrstudio v4.11 at the moment.
take a look at this thread:


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Hi Gerhard,

thanks for the reply and the link.
Meanwhile I downgraded the AVRISP to the previous version and all seems ok again.

One funny (not really) note:
To downgrade I had to uninstall Studio 4.11 and install 4.10 again (in order to get the STK500.ebn
After doing so I tried to download this firmware to the programmer, but AVR Prog wasn't able to find the programmer. That was where I was stuck yesterday.

This morning I tried again, and guess what: the downgrade worked without problems.
Now, what was different??
After some thinking and trying I found: To Install/uninstall the Studio I had to log in as Admin. Here up/downgrading the firmware of the AVRISP won't work.
If I change to the working area (different user) firmware programming works. For what ever reason...

Happy again,