Suggestions and Feedback

This wiki is a raw list of suggestions and feedback from the community and is not meant to be a list of true functionality issues (see Known Issues for that).  This is also not meant for ranting or complaining.  This list has to be reviewed and assessed before any action is taken.


[NEW] = Needs to be validated and assigned a priority
[PENDING] = Acknowledged and assigned a priority
[RESOLVED] = Resolved or determined to be a non-issue (which requires an explanation)


(Cliff: I've added italic comments to some of the items that are considered [RESOLVED] because in some cases resolution is not actually complete. Actually I ended up adding italic to some others too - what a shame you can't do COLOR on this Wiki :-(


  1. [RESOLVED] Desperately need "Mark forum/all read"
    1. Mark all forums read is available on the main forums page
    2. Mark all topics read is available in each forum
  2. [RESOLVED] Vital moderator functions show IP and [Move] are missing
    1. IP addresses are displayed on the User Search page
    2. Moving a topic is done by editing the topic and changing the forum in the dropdown menu - non-intuitive but it works - thanks ;-)
  3. [PENDING] Indications of what is read/unread simply do not work - forum will show "blue icon" when in fact all has been read
    1. The forum activity icons have been verified to be working correctly.  Any unread topic, which could appear on any page of a forum, will cause the forum's overall activity icon to indicate unread topics.  The "mark all" feature should help avoid this confusion.
    2. After a more descriptive explanation, I can confirm there is an issue.  The activity icons for topics do correctly indicate new and updated topics within a forum.  However, the forum listing page is currently only aware of new topics in each forum and has no awareness of updated topics.  We are working on resolving this.
    3. [cliff - update] I fear you misunderstand - there are two issues - one is that blue icons don't include new posts (only new threads) but that's not the point here. It's if a forum has a thread moved form it with a shadow copy left then the blue icon for the forum includes the status of the moved thread - it should be ignored
  4. [RESOLVED] Any reference to "old freaks" should have had the "www." replaced with "legacy."
  5. [NEW] Using Android tablet/firefox/Swiftkey3 any attempt to "paste" actually copies ?!? Also [CR] does not insert carriage return.
  6. [RESOLVED] As one might have predicted beginners are just posting any AVR questions to "General AVR" rather than "Xmega" or "tiny/mega". Either choose to combine them all or get rid of "General AVR" - it's completely nonsensical anyway.
    1. See
    2. See
    3. The "general" forums have been removed.
  7. [RESOLVED] PM's need some way to indicate that there are unread messages - they go completely unnoticed otherwise. But it seems that during migration many people got 100's of their existing PM collection marked "unread" so have 700/800/900 unread PMs. Therefore there needs to be a way to "Mark all read" for those just as for forum contents.
    1. Unread PMs are now indicated above the search box with your user name.
    2. Many migrated PMs did have their read status affected, however, there has always been a "mark all" feature for PMs but it requires that you do this operation for each page of PMs you have. - If you have 700/800 unread out of 2000..3000 it is impractical to do this 25 at a time!
  8. [RESOLVED] No thought has gone into display on small screen devices like phones and tablets and the site is close to unusable on all. Consider an perhaps?
    1. The site uses a responsive design which allows the pages to adapt to different browser widths and resolutions.  In most cases, the design works well but we have found opportunities for improvement such as on smartphones.  We plan on making some improvements to the responsive design for it to adapt better.
  9. [RESOLVED] Default text colour should be black
  10. [RESOLVED] Wiki has no traceability - rollback - anyone can edit anything here and there's no way back and no way to know who did the damage (like this comment!) [actually I've edited in a lot of these points - hope I'm allowed - Cliff]
    1. Revision tracking and traceability is built into the platform but is not currently exposed to all users.  We are evaluating options to display this information as well as rollback features for moderators.
    2. Moderators are allowed to freely create and edit wikis (I believe they can be trusted).  Users can create and edit wikis but cannot publish them to the site until they've been moderated (the moderation piece is not in place yet but soon will be).
    3. [Michael - 8/17/2015]  Wiki history and workflow is being worked on.
  11. [RESOLVED] When PM inbox has twenty+ spam reports if I read one - follow the link to the spam post - delete it I do not get put back in the list of my PM's - I have to use 3/4 clicks to navigate back there each time - how can I deal with 20+ spam in this way ?!?
    1. The current process of dealing with spam is under review.  It does need to be simplified.
    2. With the new PM indicator at the top of every page, getting back to your PM inbox is easier now (one click).
  12. [RESOLVED] Actually it would be far better if the title of a spam report included a link to the message being reported to save 2 click-throughs to get to it
    1. [Michael - 4/14] This will be covered with updates to moderation.
  13. [RESOLVED] I had report of the same spam from 3 people - so looking at the subsequent two just took me to "page not found". A spam should only be reported to each moderator once. Someone suggested that the [report] button be removed (or perhaps changed to text label "already reported") after the 1st person reports it. Seems like a good idea. Otherwise the system needs to monitor which it has reported to each moderator and not send them more reports of the same. EDIT: actually why not "unpublish" a spam once it's been reported. If the moderator who deals with it decides it is not spam they can just change it to "published" again. This means any one spam could only ever be reported once - no need to change the report button.
    1. We are working on making the reporting status of posts viewable to everybody (currently only the person who reported the post sees the status when revisiting the post).  This will hopefully prevent redundant reporting.
    2. Allowing users to instantly unpublish posts is a dangerous suggestion.  It could easily be abused by any registered user, including spammers, and posts would start disappearing (temporarily) all over the site.
  14. [RESOLVED] The link in a spam report is to the head of a thread not to the actual message that was reported - when it's been tagged onto a thread several pages long I have to read the whole thing trying to spot which one was reported!
    1. This has been recorded as an issue (
  15. [RESOLVED] "admin" triggered a spam report I received but the link lead to "access denied" - what is the point of telling me about spam I don't have the right to view/delete?
    1. This may have been an isolated incident.  Will review.
  16. A single thread got 3 spam posted to the end of it. The thread owner reported each in turn. Because of 20 above the three reports were identical. Anyone user should not be able to report the same thread more than once if you aren't going to have the report link to individual spam messages
    1. See #13.
  17. [RESOLVED] Using FireFox 27.0 in Ubuntu 12.04 I cannot get to the main forum list using the "Forums" link on the top menu bar. The link is to "" but somehow this is being corrupted to "" with a terminating '/' (that should still work shouldn't it) but this leads to me momentarily seeing a "page not found" and then this redirects to the "home" page. So I can never get to the top level list of forum titles. It works in other devices/browsers so is something specific to Ubuntu Firefox 27.0 - but I may not be the only one using this.
    1. This is most likely an issue with the browser.  We have tested on the current version of Firefox (v32) as well as Chrome, Opera, and IE without any issues.  Firefox 32.0 is available for Linux so I would suggest updating to it. Just to report that for the first time I can ever remember I told Firefox to clear all my browsing history and then tried again - this resolved it - so something was wrong in my local cache - I guess the question might be how did it get there in the first place but let this one die.
  18. [RESOLVED] When you select someone's existing text and Ctrl-C and then go the message editor and Ctrl-V in anticipation of making it a "quote selected" using " you get an additional "See more at:" tagged onto the end of the copied text that has to be deleted everytime (what's the point of a URL link to something in the message above??). This does not happen every time. I've found that if I copy some text in the middle of a line but it seems to be when you copy a complete sentence/paragraph. Obviously the work around is to cut short the copy and don't include the start/end of the line then type that in after pasting. But this is cumbersome.
    1. This is not ideal and has been recorded as an issue.
  19. [NEW] Am I really the only one who cares enough to hit the [Edit] button on this page?!?
    1. No.  I care, also. But it seems to be just you and I Michael :-(
    2. skeeve just found this wiki.  Until I got to 19, it had the look of an indivual's published todo list: something that might be useful to look at, but should not be edited by others.
    3. skeeve has yet to figure out how to make a new list on this wiki that does not include everything under it.
    4. When skeeve selected an existing list, clicking on copy caused firefox to complain about security.  skeeve could not figure out what to change. ^C^V "worked", but made a mess.
  20. [RESOLVED] Add pagination controls and a "view all" option to the top the threads.
  21. [RESOLVED] Provide options to display more topics per page.
  22. [RESOLVED] Add timestamps to posts when they're edited.
  23. [RESOLVED] Add quick navigation (e.g. dropdown menu) at the bottom of pages to jump to other forums.
  24. [RESOLVED] Add a "quote selected" feature to the post editor.
  25. [RESOLVED] Add icons to the topic lists to indicate what topics contain a solution, attachments, or posts from the user.
  26. [RESOLVED] Separate tags from the message body in posts.
  27. [RESOLVED] Make titles of unread/new topics bold.
  28. [RESOLVED] The code editor should default to C/C++ mode and the focus should be on the input area.
  29. Do not change the background for code or for quotes.  The frames are sufficient. --  Colors not explicitly set by the poster should be reader-adjustable.  Ordinarily text should be black or whatever color the reader has set color-text.  If the poster has set some of the text to be red, said text should be red. If the poster has set some of the text to be color-C-keyword, the color should be determined by the reader's setting for color-C-keyword.  --  Adjustments should be easy.  I sometimes turn off syntax highlighting in vim because some of the colors do not work for me and I do not remember how to change them.  My recollection is that it is not easy.
  30. [SEE #3] (3) above says resolved - it isn't. At the forum title list blue icons are only shown for forum that have new topics not replies as well - so you cannot actually tell which fora have posts worth reading. But it's better than it was ;-)
    1. See #3 which has been updated.
  31. [RESOLVED] After moving a post (edit - new forum) it's a bit of a pain that I'm not put back in the forum where I was doing the moving from (as old freaks did).
    1. [Michael - 4/14]  Will be addressed with new moderation.
  32. [NEW] Jan asked me to report that an issue with page width is that if the browser is resized then the text reformats but if there is a code block on in any of the posts it should not resize to less than the longest line. You may remember the old "=====================" technique for making sure code and formatted text always was wide enough to be laid out properly? This system needs to support something like that. More detail in this thread:
  33. [RESOLVED] I love the fact that in the forum list if you hover the mouse over a link to a thread it shows a tooltip to give you a preview of the post. However in the last post column there are entries showing replies that say "Commented". With the "Commented" as a link to the most recent reply. Could you arrange to have the same tooltip preview of that too?
  34. [RESOLVED] Several times now I've gone back to a post to add a PS or an EDIT: or something and then pressed [Post]. The added line(s) are not being added to the original post. When this occurs I find that if I add another extra line (often just "foo") and [post] again then the previous edit is shown (but the "foo" isn't). So it's like it is one edit behind IYSWIM?
    1. [Michael - 9/28/15]  Appears to have been resolved (
  35. [RESOLVED] The site software sometimes alters a pasted URL. See
  36. [RESOLVED] Hovering over a topic thread title displays a portion of the initial post's text. Additional CR/LFs are being inserted which produces unneeded empty lines compared to the original text.
  37. [SEE #3] The new site distinguishes between new posts and replies in annoying ways. For example, in the list of topics of a forum, the "Replies" column has a link if there are new replies to a topic, but not for a new post without replies. When viewing a topic, new replies are easily distinguished with a red flag that reads "(new)". But this doesn't happen for a new post.
  38. Please give us back: i) BBCODE or some form thereof.  The WYSIWYG editor is not an efficient means of composing a post.  ii) Preview [joeymorin]
  39. [RESOLVED] Sticky icons seem to have only one state.  Can't we have two like the other thread types? i.e. read and unread.  If you do it, it would be nice if you moved away from yellow/white.  It has poor contrast which would make it difficult to distinguish between a version with the '+' (for unread) and the version without.  Unless of course you move to a yellow/plus for unread and grey/no-plus for read (just as 'hot' should be red/plus for unread and grey/no-plus for red). [joeymorin]
    1. We're working on an update that will make sticky icons work the same as the other icons (color=unread, grey=read).
  40. [RESOLVED] Links in threads/posts should open a new tab/window, not in the same window as the thread (hint: target="_blank"). [joeymorin]
    1. This item has already been copied into the Known Issues wiki.
  41. [RESOLVED] Signature line should be separated from the post a bit. [joeymorin]
    1. The plan is to move tags below the signature but to ensure the signature is separated from the message.
  42. [RESOLVED] While it took most of the beta to get the inter para spacing in posts correct I notice this is not true of PM's - after sending the message received (and this works to yourself) has the lines and paras far more vertically spaced than the WYSIWYS editor view. (cliff)
    1. [Michael - 9/28/15]  This is related to #85.
  43. [RESOLVED] Recent discussion lists should indicate which forum a post is in - "how to operate timer?" is quite different for UC3 users compared to tiny/mega users. (cliff pp Brian Fairchild)
  44. [RESOLVED] Too complex to list here but see which is something that might handle the "old links" issue. (cliff)
  45. [RESOLVED] My new most hated thing: If someone has posted a code block if you highlight come of it and copy it then when you come to use it in either your own editor or this site's code editor all the [CR]s have been eaten and it's one long line. Irritating beyond belief. (cliff)
    1. [Michael]  Could not duplicate.  Cliff, please check again.
    2. [Michael - 9/28/15]  Appears to have been resolved (
  46. Notification emails suffer from the same [CR]-eating mentioned above. [joeymorin]
  47. [PENDING] Notification emails are not timestamped in the user's timezone, but GMT (it seems). [joeymorin]
  48. [RESOLVED] Clicking on the 'View N new' link in the replies column of a brand-new topic which I haven't read brings me to the first post after the OP.  Might be better to take the user to the OP in this case. [joeymorin]
    1. The "Replies" column was meant to jump to the first new reply and the functionality is better off being consistent. [Michael]
  49. [NOTED] Feature request: Make the stickies at the top of each forum collapsible.   They take up too much space. [joeymorin] +1 [kiiv_cz]
  50. [RESOLVED] When user uses "Mark as Solution" the words "[solved]" should be automatically added to the thread title. (cliff)
    1. [Michael - 9/28/15]  This was implemented by displaying a checkmark icon next to the topic title.
  51. [RESOLVED] Page navigation controls are required within a thread. (Ross) [Ross, your link had a UTF-8 non-breakable space appended to it which broke the link.  Fixed.  Probably an artefact of the WYSINRWHTISB editor -- joeymorin]
  52. [PENDING] Emoticons should auto-convert to images. [joeymorin]
  53. [RESOLVED] Need a more elegant way of enlarging the editor window.  Finding, clicking, and dragging a tiny triangle is a PITA.  Hint: Hotkeys (i.e. try Gmail if you haven't already.  You'll almost never need a mouse). [joeymorin]
  54. [SEE #53] Default editor window size could be bigger.  Why isn't it the whole window, anyway? [joeymorin]
  55. [PENDING] Make email notifications for edits an option. [joeymorin]
  56. [RESOLVED] Why recent disussions posts are displayed without its parent forum name? [kiiv_cz]
  57. [REJECTED] Feature request: autorefresh for lists (for example once in ten minutes)? Maybe configurable on/off. Or at least some self refferencing link to refresh (I don't like looking for refresh button :) ).[kiiv_cz]
    1. [Michael]  This would place an excessive load on the server.
  58. [PENDING] Feature request: filter for recent discussions to see only forums that I'm watching on regular basis (or at least #56). [kiiv_cz]
  59. [NOTED] Just in passing I'll note that as this complex page gets longer it's taking longer and longer to load it into the editor. Is this slow performance the data delivery from the server or the local scripting - I could imagine on a really large post (like maybe a tutorial article here or in Tutorial Forum) it could become a real barrier to quick edits. (cliff)
  60. [RESOLVED] Above I suggested spam PMs should contain the link in the title. If "Project" and "Post" could be differentiated in the title too that'd be even better. (cliff)
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  Will be addressed with new moderation features.
  61. [RESOLVED] I know you'll probably say this is a technical impossibility but if it could be the case that the spam PM's sent to all moderators were deleted when the post they all link to is deleted then it would stop the many spam PM's you open only to find "Page not Found" because someone else already deleted it - after a while this is leading to a feeling of "Why bother?" (cliff)
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  Will be addressed with new moderation features.
  62. [REJECTED] After adding a post to the end of a thread and then locking the trhead I cannot then edit my own post - I'm a moderator for God's sake! (curiously [Edit] does still appear on the OP) (cliff)
    1. [Michael]  Locking a thread affects all user roles and creating exceptions gets messy.
  63. [NEW] To delete a project you have to [Edit] first and only on the next page is there then a [Delete] (and at the bottom). Couldn't you just make a [Delete] visible to the moderators at the top of the opening page alongside [Edit]? (cliff)
  64. [REJECTED] Selecting a block of text in the WYSIPNQWYG editor and then clicking the <> code button should cut/paste that text into the code editor.  Currently it is deleted from the main editor text upon return from the code editor, but not pasted into the code editor. [joeymorin]
    1. [Michael]  Not possible without some major development to the editors.
  65. [REJECTED] Can you give the moderators access to the [Mark as solution] buttons in a thread so if something is resolved but OP just walks away we can mark what we believe was the solution post - this is allied to my previous suggestion of adding [solved] to thread titles where a post has been marked as solution (I used to do this manually (the "[solved]" bit) and if it was automated it would be great (cliff)
    1. [Michael]  This is a touchy request.  It really should be the OP's decision if a reply post actually solved the issue.  Only that person will truly know if a solution was found because it's possible the OP didn't describe the issue clearly enough or accurately.
    2. [Michael - 9/28/15]  If the feature was made available to the moderators, it should only be used on a limited basis if there was some sort of acknowledgement that the issue was actually solved.
  66. [RESOLVED] You may have other plans for how sticky threads are shown but if nothing else can we have a thick horizontal rule after the last sticky and before the first "normal" thread title in a list of thread titles? (cliff)
    1. [Michael] The background colors for sticky topics are darker than the other threads in the forums.
  67. [RESOLVED] If you're going to keep the 'community overview', it should have icons like any other forum list.  Grey for 'no unread', coloured for 'some unread'. [joeymorin]
    1. [Michael] A new overview page is in the works.
  68. [PENDING] I have been reviewing the existing project collection. If I use the browser's back button (Firefox) from within a selected project, I am taken back to page 1 of the project list instead of the listing for the page that I was on, eg page 7. Very exhausting! (Ross)
    1. [Michael]  This has been determined to be browser dependent which makes resolving this issue tricky.
  69. [RESOLVED] The SPLIT button functionality is broken. See  (Ross)
    1. [Michael] Moderation features are being updated.
    2. [Ross] At present (early Feb 2015), the default title given to a split thread is the first collection of valid alpha characters (or so it seems). Because many posters start a post with a greeting such as "Hello" or "Hi" this is causing the split off post and any subsequent replies to be "added" to the current thread of the same name "Hi", but never to be seen again. Even if the greeting is deleted and the edited post saved before the split is attempted, the split sends the post and its replies off into gahgah land.
    3. [Michael: 5-Feb-2015] Here's my (broken) experience with splitting a thread:
  70. [RESOLVED] Don't know if the reader here will be able to access this private PM discussion (surely an "admin" can?) but a point is raised here: - in case it's not readable it's basically that [report] needs to be two options [report as spam]/[report as  misplaced] (cliff) [Cliff, looks like that link will point to a PM in the signed-in user's mailbox.  For instance for me it points to a message I sent over two years ago]
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  Will be addressed with new moderation features.
  71. [RESOLVED] Vendor search by country is broken.  (Ross) - do not edit this "broken link" - see below.
    1. Works as expected -- vendors are listed as providing services in the country selected as defined by their configuration.  This has been verified to match the functionality of the old site.  If you believe a vendor is incorrectly listed, then that's vendor's profile should be updated. [Michael]
  72. [PENDING] The importation of PMs from the old site to the new has doubled each and every message. Clearly it is defective.  And access to the old site's PMs is now blocked so the missing attachments ( ) cannot be retrieved. We were given an assurance that this would not happen! Gravely disillusioned! (Ross)
  73. [NEW] Everything I requested in this thread in the moderators forum: (cliff)
  74. [RESOLVED] After moving a post please put me back in the forum where I started not the forum where I finished (like old Freaks). If there are several to do it is infuriating having to keep working my way back (cliff)
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  This will be updated with the new moderation.
  75. [RESOLVED] "shadow copy" left after a thread move should not influence the read/unread status of the forum from which the thread has been moved - it should just be a "dead" link (cliff reporting point made by meslomp).
  76. [RESOLVED] The url in point 71 is broken. If you hover the mouse over it you will see the underline that appears extends by one additional character beyond the end of the text in the URL and that makes the link direct to "page not found". There is a hidden %C2%A0 on that link that you only see if copy the link and paste in to the browser address bar.  To use the link copy it then delete the %C2%A0 from the end. (cliff)
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  User error.  The link was created with the special character.
  77. [NEW] Sorry if this is already said above but could we have "the next button you are likely to use" both at the bottom as well as the top of most entities. When this wiki page gets big and you read down to the end and then choose to [Edit] you have to scroll back to the top of the page to get to the [Edit] button. When reading threads you read to the end but the list of URL links to the forum list above is only at the top of the page not the bottom. Either move these things to the bottom or duplicate them (cliff)
  78. [PENDING] In this thread transitioned from the old site: there are code blocks where the #include's are incomplete - the thing they were including - which would have been in <..> angle brackets - is gone. Merely coincidence that '<' and '>' also happen to be HTML tag delimiters - I'm guessing not. (cliff)
    1. [Michael]  Upon initial inspection, it does seem that there's some connection to the missing include file names being misidentified as HTML tag delimeters.
  79. [TBD] if a thread has a poll show the poll results (once user has voted) at the top of every page in the thread (like old Freaks). At present if you read on page N you have to go back to page 1 to see how the poll is progressing. (cliff pp meslomp)
  80. [PENDING] There is no means of searching for a term or word within a project's description. Additionally, the present search is literal, as in a search on "line robot" (without quotes) does not find any project despite there being 6 projects with the words line and robot in their title but with other word(s) between line and robot. (Ross)
    1. [Michael]  Project searching is literal and looks for an exact match, of project titles, of keywords.  The only way to search for something in a project description is to use the site search.  We need to look at this a little more.
    2. [Michael - 4/15/15]  Considering adding an input field to search for keyword matches in a project description.
  81. [RESOLVED] this: (cliff)
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  Shadow copies are removed by editing the original thread, unchecking the shadow copy box, and re-saving.
  82. [TBD] Files attached to posts don't have a "download count" like the old site did - so you cannot tell if someone else has already investigated a "dodgy project" or whatever it is that has been attached. This was REALLY useful on the old site. (cliff).
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  Will explore the option of adding a download count.
  83. [RESOLVED] I'm sure I've seen it mentioned, but now I can't find where.  Sort order for for 'MY OVERVIEW' should be by last-post-data, not by original-post-date.  This goes for 'MY DISCUSSIONS' and 'DISCUSSIONS FOLLOWED'. [joeymorin]
  84. [RESOLVED] Greg has marked his second post as a Solution. This has then copied that second post into a new second position thus creating an unnecessary duplicate post. I have locked the thread to preserve the evidence. (Ross)
    1. [Michael] We are working on displaying the solution differently (the OP will indicate that a solution is available and link to the solution post - the solution will not be duplicated)
    2. [Michael] Solution posts are no longer copied and follow the original post.  Instead, the original post is updated with a link to the reply post that has been marked as the solution.
  85. [RESOLVED] See this post: If you edit it you will see that I alternate text-code-text-code and so on and in the (not quite)WYSIWYG editor it shows equal vertical spacing on either side of the code segements. However once posted there is more vertical space AFTER a block of code than before. In fact the error here looks like the "before" is not enough as that's what does not match what I was shown (correctly) in the WYSIWYG editor. (cliff)
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  Will look at the style differences between the editor and the saved content.
    2. [Michael - 9/28/15]  This is related to #42.
  86. [RESOLVED] BBCode [ color] tag effect ends at a carriage return not at [ /color] see: (cliff)
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  BBCodes are not recommended.
  87. [RESOLVED] URLs/images in signatures just don't render correctly (you just see all the BBCode) when they are on the bottom of a PM (cliff) (PS I'm happy to send a PM to anyone who asks if they want to see this)
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  BBCodes are not recommended.
  88. [RESOLVED] How I delete SPAM. I click immediately on the user's name link and then click on the Spam folder in the user's setup page. This completely bypasses the report to Mollum options page that I would be shown if I had clicked instead on the link in the advisory email sent to all moderators as a result of someone else clicking on the report button in the offending post. Just in case you didn't know of this shortcut cheeky (Ross)
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  The new moderation features will make dealing with spam easier.
  89. [NEW] On the legacy site, we were able to see if a PM had been read by the intended recipient. How do we recognise that now? (Ross)
    1. [Michael: 2/10/15] At this time there are no plans on changing the PM system.  We'll take note and investigate other PM options, if any, and determine if there's anything that can be changed in the future.
  90. [RESOLVED] Also... on the old site, we could see how many times a thread had been visited/read. How now brown cow? (Ross)
    1. [Michael] The number of times a thread has been visited/read is displayed in topic summary as 'VIEWS' in each forum (e.g.:
  91. [NEW] Project page navigation issues. What he said at
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  We will see what can be done to ensure project filters, page being viewed, etc. are all maintained when you go back from a project.
  92. [RESOLVED] The lists of moderators on the first page is sadly in need of serious update.
  93. [NEW] Add another Atmel Tech Support Sub-Forum, as discussed here:     (JC)
    1. We've actually had some internal discussions about a dedicated tech support forum but no decision has been made yet.
  94. [RESOLVED] Old AVRFreak site hyperlinks do not work, (did not migrate correctly ?).  Example given in this Thread:   (JC)
    1. The link ( does not redirect correctly because &highlight=example is causing the logic to fail when it should be ignored since it's not relevant to the redirect process.  If you remove that particular query term from the URL, it redirects correctly.
  95. [RESOLVED] Doubling of posts: I have deleted several duplicate posts recently. It has just occurred to me that these are most likely not due to impatience or malice... especially by seasoned posters.
    1. [Michael - 8/12/15]  The issue appears to be getting worse and has been escalated (
    2. [Michael - 8/24/15]  Another example of this happening:
  96. [PENDING] Attached Images: It appears that images that are attached as files, eg 1.jpg, are being indexed/associated with previous unrelated images. On the cited page there are two 1.jpg images that both result in an incorrect rendering.
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  it's possible this was a data migration issue.  We will test by uploading two different images using the same file name into a test thread.
    2. [je_ruud - 7/1/15] Another post with image attachment problems: . It shows correct on the legacy site: (You must be logged in to see attachments). The name of the single attachment (out of originally 5) is the description of the attachment in the legacy site.
  97. [RESOLVED] Perhaps I missed it, (the list is getting long), but a clearly distinct break from the Stickies and the remaining threads would be nice.  I'd suggest putting a faint background color behind the stickies, (e.g. green, yellow, etc.), that makes them stand out differently from the "greenbar" alternating background currently done in pale blue and white.
  98. [NEW] It seems that whatever automated conversion that took place from posts on the "legacy" site to posts on this new forum has caused some issues. For more details, including a specific example, please see (This entry made by AVRFreak 'meteor' on 20 Nov 2014.) UPDATE: An issue of "missing attachments" is addressed as Item #8 (15 May 2015: Now #6) on the Known Functionality Issues wiki. I'm not sure if these are 2 different issues or 2 symptoms of the same issue.  Because of that, and since this item #98 addresses more than just missing attachments, I'll keep this entry for now.
  99. [REJECTED] Please see this: What's your opinion about The notifications icon? (Rohalamin)
  100. [RESOLVEDUnable to send email message: Happening since January 6 Australian Eastern Standard Daylight Saving Time :-)  (Ross)
  101. [PENDING] Does the author in search refer to the author of the post or the author of the thread? I've read that it is the latter.  The former would be more useful.
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  Currently, the author is considered at the thread level.  We are looking at making some changes to search where results could be listed as threads or posts and, in that case, the author could be for a thread or a post.
  102. [PENDING] Labelling of posts as "new":  (Ross)
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  We will investigate if it's possible to change the "(new)" indicator to "(updated)" for a post, within a thread, that's been edited.
  103. [PENDING] Edits are invisible after Posting: (Ross)
    1. [Michael] Part of the issue is related to the use of double brackets.  Anything contained in double brackets does not render.  We're looking into this issue with the editor.  The other part of the issue hasn't been duplicated yet.
  104. [RESOLVEDHow to delete a Wiki entry? A newbie created a Wiki to asked questions. I could not delete it, so altered its title and content. Moderators need a way to delete a Wiki entry. (Ross)
    1. [Michael] We are working on the moderation features which should really improve the process for the moderators.
  105. [PENDING] Projects Link: Sometimes the contents of the Projects link does not work. (Ross for RickB)
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  Trying to reproduce this issue.
  106. [RESOLVED] Issue with edit time stamps showing an earlier time than the original post.  Possible issue with edit time stamps appearing when the post was not edited.
    1. [Michael - 6/22/15]  Was thought to be resolved but it appears there's still a problem (
    2. [Michael - 8/13/15]  Still an issue (
  107. [PENDING] Make an RSS feed available for the Projects section.
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  Will determine what needs to be done to create an RSS for the new home page content.
  108. [RESOLVED] Tool to remove "Movement" link. On behalf of Marcel. (Ross)
    1. [Michael - 4/15/15]  Shadow copies can be removed by editing the original post of the thread, unchecking the shadow copy box, and resaving.
  109. Please see additional information added to #69 above. (Ross) [Michael: 5-Feb-2015] Update noted and I also added to #69.
  110. [RESOLVED] When quoting a post, the signature of that post's author is displayed at the bottom of the page.
  111. [RESOLVED] The Atmel AVR Microcontroller Resource links are not available on the WIKI and can't be reached using the WIKI URLs like   Including: FAQs, Tutorials, Newbie Guides, Best Practices, Documentation (especially Documentation)
  112. [RESOLVED] Cannot delete last post in a thread: eg  This duplicate post cannot be deleted, but the second last post can. (Ross)

  113. [PENDING] Issue with topics indicating a new post has been made but the activity icon, and the font of the topic title, don't indicate this (

    1. [Michael - 7/8/15]  I've been able to verify this issue.  It will be logged.

    2. [Michael - 9/23/15]  Still an issue.  More evidence:

  114. [PENDING]  The site search returns results for words based on the word stem.  For example, searching for "philosophy" returns results for the following:

    1. philosopher

    2. philosophical

    3. philosophically 

  115. [RESOLVED]  Editing a post containing images that have been resized resets them back to their native dimensions. [Michael: 11-Jun-2015]
  116. [RESOLVED]  The number of characters in a signature are calculated incorrectly.  [Michael: 11-Jun-2015]
  117. [RESOLVED]  Moderator tool: Multiple deletions. I am cleaning up a tutorial littered with misplaced posts. Would it be possible to empower a moderator to mark multiple posts for deletion instead of the terribly slow current one at a time method? (Ross)
    1. [Michael - 6/22/15]  This will be resolved with the new moderation tools.
  118. [PENDING]  Moved topics are not displaying correctly within a forum when a window becomes too narrow.  See
  119. [RESOLVED]  No SPLIT on the last post in a thread: A number of newbies attach their first post to an old and sometimes unrelated thread. Their post does not include the SPLIT option. Why? I have to add another post to the thread before I can split the newbie's post off more appropriately. Seems like a waste of moderator time and patience. (Ross)
  120. [RESOLVED]  The "View All" button does not work if the user navigates to a thread with a link to a specific comment.  For instance, if the user navigates to a comment within a thread (e.g. the "View All" button attempts to show all comments using that URL which doesn't work.  The "View All" button should always use the thread-specific URL for the "View All" button (e.g.
  121. [NEW]  Carriage returns, hitting Enter or Return at the end of a line, does not move the cursor to a new line on certain devices and browsers (
  122. [RESOLVED]  The contribution/subscribed icon ("thumbs up") does not appear for threads that have been split (
  123. [RESOLVED]  The hamburger menu is missing a link for "Wiki".  (reported by joeymorin on 20-Sep)
  124. [RESOLVED]  The batch moderation controls are not displayed correctly for moderators using Firefox (
  125. [RESOLVED]  New posts appear unread when made by a basic user. (reported by joeymorin on 20-Sep -
  126. [RESOLVED]  When making a new post, the user is taken to the home page rather than the topic.  (related to the issue above)
  127. [RESOLVED]  Links migrated from the legacy site are not/no longer working.  It appears that the site has malformed links that were BBCode based.  This was either a migration issue (and never found) or was introduced recently via some other update.  See  [Michael - 9/28/15]
  128. [PENDING]  Posts are automatically marked as being read after approximately 30 days.  This value needs to be increased (e.g. 365 days) so that most users are not affected by this unexpected behavior.
  129. [RESOLVED]  The Bookmark and Follow buttons in a thread on AVR Freaks no longer work.  This does not affect threads in other areas of the site.
  130. [RESOLVED]  The session is not always maintained when moving from to Private Messages resulting in the user being logged out of the site.
  131. [RESOLVED]  The Add media feature does not work correctly when composing a post in an AVR Freaks forum.  Images cannot be added to a post.  This does not affect other areas of the site.
  132. [RESOLVED]  The editor does not work correctly when editing the original post in a thread on AVR Freaks.  The editor shows plain text with HTML mark-up.  This does not affect other areas of the site.
  133. [PENDING]  Quoting a forum post, either an entire post or just what is selected, does not work with Internet Explorer versions 9-11.  This does not affect the current versions of other browsers.
  134. [RESOLVED]  Clicking on "Projects" in AVR Freaks now links to a similarly named space on community. However it is entirely empty. No projects exist any longer. Fail! [Ross - 10/29/15] Appears to be RESOLVED for me at least. Don't know why/how. (Ross 25/11/15)
  135. [NEW]  The logged IP address of the user creating a new post/thread is changed to that of a moderator when the moderator edits the post. This has the potential of causing issues when removing spam and banning users. The logged IP address should remain fixed once a post is made. [Michael: 13-Jul-2016]