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Easy Ethernet AVR

Updated: Jan 20, 2005



The EDTP Easy Ethernet AVR is based on the Atmel ATmega16. A 10Base-T, NE2000-compatilbe RTL8019AS Ethernet Controller IC provides network access. Ethernet activity LEDs, the RJ-45 socket and the Ethernet magnetics are all housed in a single Lan Mate module.

The Easy Ethernet AVR comes standard with a serial port, a +5VDC regulated on-board power supply and an AVR ISP interface. There's also a 74HCT573 latch hanging on PORTC, which also allows the connection of a JTAG ICE.

Full source code, written with ImageCraft ICCAVR , is included with both the kit ($59 US) and assembled ($79 US) versions of the Easy Ethernet AVR.


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