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ImageCraft ICCAVR V6

Updated: Jan 20, 2005



The ANSI C Tools for the FLASH Generation
More and more engineers are taking advantage of the new generation of the programmable FLASH microcontrollers for their designs. ImageCraft, the number one provider of professional, easy-to-use low-cost C tools, is helping make some of these designs possible. From the wizards at Scannex ( and Neurosmith ( to Atmel Corporation ( and Cypress MicroSystems (, engineers have turned to the ImageCraft tools for the best in price / performance and ease of use.

NOW: Fully support ALL the released enhanced megas such as the mega128, mega8, and mega16!

At A Glance:
ANSI C compiler with assembler and linker. True multiple-file project builder that generates standard makefiles. Our IDE ties it all together with a point and click interface to easily selected target devices and memory maps without writing clunky linker files. One click to build your project, quickly and simply.
True library support, allowing third party code such as the uCOS/II kernel to run with our compiler generated code.
Optimizations include device-specific instruction generation, block level common subexpression elimination, advanced register allocator, plus the industry's first whole-program Code Compressor ™ that decreases your final code size by 10-15%.
Support for inline assembly and writing interrupt handlers in C.
Application Builder to generate peripheral initializations for on-board devices.
Integrated built-in ISP (In System Programming) tool. Also directly download to Flash Designs Micro-ICE emulator.
Full support for source level debugging.
Flexible licensing
o Allows updating of products by downloading the latest demos from our website
o Need more than one license (for your laptops etc.)? Just ask! We're flexible. Other companies charge more for a backup license than we charge for our whole compiler!
o Lost your license? Ask, and we will help you out.
Legendary support
o Six month free support, then a minimal amount of $30 per year. Other companies charge approximately the full price of a new compiler for their support "renewals!"
o Search the Usenet group comp.arch.embedded archive at to see what people are saying about ImageCraft:
Here's an excerpt from a thread in comp.arch.embedded from David Brown:
"As for the rest of your points, I think Richard has answered them. Like I said, one of the great things about ICCAVR is the support. When you make comments like these, not only will Richard say that he will investigate the problems and consider the changes for the next version (many vendors say such things), but he really will do so. The development of ICCAVR seems to be strongly influenced by what users are actually saying, rather than just what some marketing guy says will sell better."
Fully-functional 30 day demo available at our website
Buy direct using our secured web server or contact one of many worldwide distributors!
ImageCraft: located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, in business since 1994.


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