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Availability: Obsolete



This device contains 32KB Flash memory, and contains a large range of peripherals. Among the more interesting features are: Self-programming memory (at target Vcc), JTAG interface, 8ch 10-bit ADC, internal calibrated RC Oscillator, Four PWM channels, hardware Multiplier, timers, external interrupts and a wide range of other peripherals as you can expect from a high performance AVR micro. The ATmega323 is pin compatible with the AT90S8535 and ATmega163, and is also available in a 3V version, the ATmega323L


For new designs, you should use ATmega32. The ATmega323 was announced End Of Life in 2002. Last orders need to be in by January 6th 2003, and last delivery is May 6th 2003.


  • pin compatible with 4434, more features.
  • pin compatible with 8535, more features.
  • pin compatible with mega16, more features.
  • pin compatible with mega163, more features.
  • pin and feature compatible with mega163, more memory.
  • pin compatible with mega32, less features.
  • pin compatible with mega8535, more features.

Overview features

Flash EEPROM SRAM Speed Volts
32kB 1024B 2048B 0 - 8MHz 4 - 5.5V



General package info

  44-pin TQFP 40-pin PDIP
Package Lead Code 44 40
Carrier Type TRAY TUBE
Max Package Height 1.2  
Body Thickness 1.00 3.81
Body Width 10.00 15.24
Body Length 10.00 52.32
Units per Carrier 160 10
Carriers per Bag 10 20
Units per Bag 1600 200
Quantity per Reel 2000 0
Tape Pitch 16  
Tape Width 24  
Downloadable Files pdf Package Drawing
pdf Tube Tray Drawing
pdf Carrier Tape Drawing
pdf Reel Drawing
pdf Package Drawing
pdf Tube Tray Drawing
Other features Tools
Flash Memory 32 kB
EEPROM Data Memory 1024 B
SRAM Data Memory 2048 B
General Purpose Registers (Accumulators) 32
MCU Specific
Clock Frequency 0 - 8 MHz
Supply Voltage 4 - 5.5 V
Sleep Modes 6
Hardware Multiplier Yes
I/O Pins 32
On Chip Oscillator Yes
Interrupts 19
Interrupts, External pins 3
Brown-out Detection Yes
Power-on Reset Yes
Fully Static Operation Yes
On-Chip Debug support via JTAG port Yes
IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) Boundary Scan Yes
Timers / Counters
Timer/Counters (8-bit) 2
Watchdog Timer with On-chip Oscillator Yes
Real Time Counter Yes
Timer/Counters (16-bit) 1
Pulse Width Modulator 4 ch
Analog I/O
Analog Comparator Yes
Analog-to-Digital Converter (10-bit) 8 ch
Programming Modes
In-System Programming via SPI Port Yes
High Voltage Parallel Programming (12V) Yes
Self-Programming via on-chip Boot Program Yes
In-System Programming via JTAG port Yes
Serial I/O
Full Duplex Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Yes
2-wire Serial Interface (I2C compatible) Yes
Full Duplex USART 1