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Availability: Sampling



AVR32 based 32-bit MCU/DSP Vectored multiplier co-processor, 32 KB on-chip SRAM, 16 KB instruction and 16 KB data caches, MMU, DMA controller. Peripherals include a 16-bit stereo audio DAC, 2048x2048 pixel TFT/STN LCD controllers, 480 Mbps USB 2.0 with on chip transceivers (PHY) and, two 10/100 Ethernet MACs. Serial interfaces include RS232, USART, I2S, AC97, TWI/I2C, SPI, PS/2 and several synchronous serial modules (SSC) supporting most serial communication protocols.


AP7000 homepage

Overview features

SRAM Volts
32KB 1.8 - 3.3V



General package info

Package Lead Code 256
Carrier Type TRAY
Max Package Height 1.4
Body Thickness 1.4
Body Width 17
Body Length 17
Units per Carrier 90
Carriers per Bag 10
Units per Bag 900
Quantity per Reel 500
Tape Pitch 24
Tape Width 24
Downloadable Files
Other features Tools
SRAM Data Memory 32K B
General Purpose Registers (Accumulators) Yes
Serial I/O
2-wire Serial Interface (I2C compatible) Yes
Full Duplex Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Yes
Full Duplex UART Yes
Full Duplex USART Yes
Universal Serial Interface Yes
MCU Specific
Supply Voltage 1.8 - 3.3 V
Interrupts, External pins Yes
Sleep Modes Yes
On Chip Oscillator Yes
Software Programmable Clock Divider Yes
I/O Pins Yes
Power-on Reset Yes
Interrupt or Wake-up on Pin Change Yes
Interrupts Yes
On-Chip Debug support via JTAG port Yes
IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) Boundary Scan Yes
LCD controller Yes
Timers / Counters
Watchdog Timer with On-chip Oscillator Yes
Real Time Counter Yes
Pulse Width Modulator Yes