Openrave Inverse Kinematic Solver in AVR studio 4

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I am planning to build a robot. Done research and came to understand that I will need to have Inverse Kinematic worked.


Now a few specific questions

1. Have any one tried using openrave's inverse kinematic solver module in AVR studio 4 ? If yes, can I be guided.

2. Assuming Point No.1 above is done, is it possible to accommodate complied HEX code on some ATMega microcontroller. If yes, which one.


If I am not able to use iksolver module of openrave on AVR, I am going to be a fan of Raspberry Pi and supports Python outright and which is a tiny computer in it self.....(with all due respect to the AVR community)


Please help me stay with AVRs....please....

Viren Chocha.... (what's up, doc ?)