FATFS+AT45: at45dbx_mem.h no such file

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I'm trying to mount a fat filesystem on a custom board with an AT45DBX memory chip. The uC is ATSAMR21E18


There is no example on FATFS+AT45DBX, only USB or MMC. If I open one of those examples and change the conf_access.h file (and include the AT45DBX module, of course), I get the error:


at45dbx_mem.h: No such file or directory


//! @{
#define LUN_0                DISABLE //!< On-Chip Virtual Memory.
#define LUN_1                ENABLE //!< AT45DBX Data Flash.
#define LUN_2                DISABLE //!< SD/MMC Card over SPI.
#define LUN_3                DISABLE //!< SD/MMC Card over MCI Slot 0.
#define LUN_4                DISABLE
#define LUN_5                DISABLE
#define LUN_6                DISABLE
#define LUN_7                DISABLE
#define LUN_USB              DISABLE  //!< Host Mass-Storage Memory.
//! @}

If the conf_access.h has the option to use AT45DBX I imagine that the .h is somewhere included, but I can't find it. Anyone knows how to solve this?