BMF055 as I2C slave

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Hello, I have a BMF055 shuttle board from Bosch (, which has the Atmel SAM D20 (J18 I believe).

I am able to program the board with board with Atmel/ASF examples and run the BSX lite example or other toggling GPIO lines example.


I understand from the data sheet of shuttle board that the PB16 and PB17 are the I2C lines on the BMF. From AT SAM D20 data sheet it seems they are served through the SERCOM5 PAD0 and PAD1. Now, in the typical I2C slave (callback or interrupt example) the SERCOM on which i2c slave initializes is typically SERCOM2, Do we expect to get i2c slave working but just changing it to SERCOM5.


I read that once a I2C is configured on SERCOM the pin I/O are controlled by SERCOM, How do I verify which PADs/pin mux are being used by SERCOM?

Let me know.


I am not able to get either I2C master or I2C slave working on this.