Atmel Studio 7/ Atmel start configuration problem

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I'm hoping someone has an answer here, I've been struggling with this problem for several months now.


On my installation of Atmel Studio 7, I cannot configure an atmel start project within the IDE.  If I go to, configure the project, and import it into atmel studio, everything works fine.  Until I want to make a change to the Start configuration.  Then I have to export the project, import to, change, export, import to studio again.  It's usable, but I'm supposed to be able to do this entirely within Studio, right?


Here's the scenario.  Go to File->New->Atmel Start Project.  This pulls up the same opening screen that I can view on the site.  Now I try to select *anything* on the start setup screen.  All of the buttons do nothing.  I can select a device from the device list, but the "Create New Project" button remains greyed out.  No matter what I try, I cannot get past this point.


Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?