Atmel Start: "STK500 Serial Bootloader Tiny817"

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OK, so Tiny Safe Boot didn't work out since this new part family is so different from other ATtinys  The only boot example I could then find is the one mentioned above.  


So, off I go and start playing with this thing and I have found a few major problems with it.  The worst of them was that the code doesn't even branch to the correct APP section of FLASH.  The routine they created jumps to the BYTE address location of the start app section and of course AVR instructions consider the flash an array of words.  So for example when they compute the bootloader section to be 0x600 bytes long, they try to run the app by branching to 0x600 when it clearly should be half that or 0x300.   There are further issues with how they load the app into FLASH.  I think I have the worst of this worked out but I was wondering if anyone else has tried the Atmel START example and run into the same issues.


Once I am sure all is well I will post my findings.