Is _delay_ms() broken?

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braddock wrote:

I had checked before that the board had a regulator on it, but I hadn't realized until today that the regulator is _ONLY_ used for the SDCard, and the AVR is being powered off of _raw_ 5V from the power plug with no additional regulation.

I've been using an unregulated power supply, so I am out of spec.

Ahhh, yeah, that could definitely have an impact. You pretty much need the 5V rail to run overclocked. (Some parts work fine at 3.3V @ 28.636MHz, but it seemed like a lot of them really needed ~3.4V amusingly enough.) ;-)

I decided to just release it as the 5V version rather than risk problems.

The "gamer baseboards" that I sold originally had a Schottky in series with the power input to prevent reverse polarity power supplies from causing damage, but then I shipped those with 5.5VDC wall-warts to make sure there was a solid 5V+ at the module. (The video resistors, etc. are also setup for 5V.)

The SparkFun version baseboards just use a 5V regulated supply directly into the board. (They wanted to use the same supplies they stocked for other products.)

Yell if you still have problems...