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AVR32 GNU Toolchain

Updated: Feb 16, 2009



AVR32 GNU Toolchain is a set of standalone command line programs used to create applications for AVR32 microcontrollers. The applications run either as embedded applications or on top of an embedded operating system, e.g. Linux®.

The tools may be used in a chain, so that the output of each tool becomes the input for the next. Several of the tools are based on tools from GNU (, and some are developed by Atmel.

* Runs on Microsoft® Windows® and Linux platforms
* Cross compiler for AVR32 devices
* Assembler and linker for AVR32 devices
* Debugger for AVR32 devices
* Flash programming tools for AVR32 devices
* C-libraries for development of C/C++ programs


  • Compiler : C
  • Assembler
  • Debugger
  • Programming SW
  • Compiler : C++
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